Video Password Protection Pro Free download

Video Password Protection Pro Free download

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Video Password Protection Pro protects videos with a password. The application wraps the video inside an executable shell that you can play anywhere and will not play unless the user enters the correct password. The program guarantees privacy for your videos. No one can view the video unless they enter the correct password. You can share videos with a closed group without worrying about someone else watching them. Video Password Protection Pro packs your video as-is with an executable shell containing a video player, then protects the executable with a password of your choice. Note that anti-virus software confuses movie segments with viruses because video segments interestingly present patterns similar to viruses patterns. Nothing to worry about: The viruses are all false positives. You may have to create an exception for the executable to play the video on your computer. When the protected video executes on a computer, the application shell opens its media player, loads your original video, and plays it. If the computer does not have the necessary codecs, the application prompts you to download and install a codec pack. Main Features: 1. Ability to password protect your videos. 2. Password protection is secure and unbreakable on the client-side. 3. Ultra-fast protection because your original video is not changed at all. 4. The program works in batch mode. Extra features: 1. Video player to preview videos. 2. Simple user interface presenting no learning curve. 3. Videos protected will play on any Windows computer. Video Password Protection Pro is unique on the market. The ability to protect videos with passwords give users the freedom to choose who can see their videos.

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